Perfection Brush



Our best dual-ended brush for foundation.

Flat, oval and paddle-shaped, this foundation brush allows for easy application of cream or liquid foundation. Use the soft, oval shape for a streak-free finish. The dual ends offer a smaller paddle brush for more targeted application around the eyes, nose and mouth.


- Dual-ended.
- Large paddle to blend foundation.
- Small end for more targeted application.
- Flat, oval and paddle-shaped.
- For foundation, primer and skincare.
- Soft nylon bristles.

  • DUAL ENDED 10-1104DUAL ENDED 10-1104
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How to use

(1) Begin with the larger paddle brush to apply primer or foundation to bigger areas of the face with short, downward strokes.

(2) Use the smaller paddle brush for areas where the skin needs that extra touch of highlighter or coverage, such as the nose and brow bone.

How to care

Wash with warm water and a gentle cleanser to clean bristles. Rinse thoroughly to remove product build up. Lay flat to dry.