Eyelash Curler and Tweezer Set


The eyelash curler and tweezer set includes a precision slant tweezer for accurate, targeted hair removal and brow shaping. Along with an eyelash curler designed with a higher arch and customised curling bar to reach the smallest of lashes for maximum curl.

This double act comes in a luxe matte finish and lively pop of mint green. Add a little brightness into your beauty routine or give as a gift.


- Makeup routine essentials.
- Precision slanted tweezer.
- Designed to control pressure for beautifully curled lashes.
- Two replacement silicone pads.
- Matte finish

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How to use

(1) Do not apply mascara before using an eyelash curler. Mascara can stick to the pads and pull lashes from the root as well as crimp.

(2) Place the curler with the handles open at the base of your lash line, then gently squeeze them together and hold for a few seconds.

(3) Open the eyelash curler slowly to completely release the lashes. Do this 2-3 times along the lash length for a natural curl.

(4) Repeat for an even more intense curl.

(5) Release the handles fully before removing the curler to avoid pulling or breaking the lashes.

(6) Tweezer has precision tips for accurate and targeted hair removal and brow shaping.

How to care

Eyelash Curler - clean pads after use with an alcohol wipe to remove any bacteria. With daily use, we recommend replacing the eyelash curler pad after three months and curler after one year.

Tweezer - before and between uses, disinfect the tweezer with isopropyl alcohol or peroxide after each use to prevent future irritation, infection or pore blockage.