Makeup Sponges Wedges (20PK)


Our makeup wedges offer effortless makeup application and skilful blending when used dry or wet. The wedge shapes sharp edges make them ideal for detailing and hard-to-reach areas around the nose and eyes. They can also be used to apply moisturiser or makeup removal. 


- Wedge shape.
- Resealable bag to keep wedges fresh.
- Use with liquid or cream textures.
- Use dry or wet.
- Not made with natural latex.
- 20 pack.

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How to use

(1) Apply and blend liquid and cream foundation with the larger areas of the sponge.

(2) Use the pointed tip for contours around the nose and eyes to target fine lines and creases to prevent a cakey appearance.

(3) Not made with natural latex.

How to care

Wash sponge with cleanser and rinse thoroughly. Lay flat to air dry and regain shape. Discard when sponge shows signs of damage. Replace every 1 to 3 months.