Brow Brush



Our angled eyebrow brush is the ultimate shaping tool for brow definition, shape and volume. This dual-purpose brow brush includes a spoolie to neaten brows before and after applying colour. Use powder, pomade and gel to neaten, fill and define your eyebrows for a defined look. 


- Multi-tasking angled eyebrow brush for shaping and styling brows.
- Brow spoolie to neaten brows before and after applying product.
- Soft nylon bristles.

  • DUAL ENDED 10-1456DUAL ENDED 10-1456
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How to use

(1) This angled eyebrow brush can be used with powder and pomade.

(2) Use the brush in upward strokes, careful to not press too hard and apply too much product. Draw single lines with light strokes.

(3) Use the brush at an angle to outline the desired shape of your brow.

(4) Use the spoolie after all product is applied to distribute and brush eyebrow hair into shape.

How to care

Wash with warm water and a gentle cleanser to clean bristles. Rinse thoroughly to remove product build up. Lay flat to dry.