Curved Toenail Clippers


Our curved toenail clipper offers smooth and controlled toenail clipping for thicker nails and makes it easier to trim ingrown toenails. This 2-in-1nail clipper has an inbuilt nail file to smooth and shape the nail edge once clipped.


- Inbuilt nail file for smoothing and shaping.

- Curved blades for safe toenail trimming.

- Compact design, perfect for travel.

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How to use

(1) Start at the corners and clip toward the centre; clip the nail three or four times as you travel across the top. This helps to stop the nail from splitting while clipping and prevent ingrown nails.

(2) Use the nail file to round corners and smooth the nail edge. The catcher collects the separated nails that can be easily removed after the manicure.

(3) Clean clipper blades after each use with an alcohol wipe to prevent bacteria.

Top Tip: Cut toenails when softened from a bath or shower to prevent splitting or cracking.

How to care

Before and between uses, disinfect the tool with isopropyl alcohol or peroxide.