Cuticle Pusher Duo


Our metal cuticle pushers are made from stainless steel. Durable and easy to clean, they make it easy to gently push cuticles back for false nail application or polish and keep cuticles neat. Our metal cuticle pushers are a great manicure tool for removing gel polish and gel builder. 


- Four tips for all-around nail maintenance.
- Use to push cuticles back.
- Assists with gel removals.
- Sterilise with an alcohol swab after use.
- Made from stainless steel.

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How to use

(1) Use the flat end of the tool to prep and clean under and around the nail.

(2) Using the curved side, gently push back the cuticle. Ideal for removing gel nails.

(3) If you're removing gel nails ensure they've been soaked as per your gel remover and then scrape away the gel in short strokes, careful not to catch the nail bed.

How to care

Clean with an alcohol swab before use to prevent dirt and bacteria getting beneath the nail bed.