Tweezer & Spoolie


With a velvety, soft-touch finish, this slant-tip tweezer with built-in spoolie is perfect for accurate and easy hair removal. Use the spoolie to tame and groom your brow effortlessly.


- Slanted tip for precise hair removal.
- Built-in spoolie to tame and neaten brows.
- Sleek black design.

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How to use

Perfect for shaping and grooming your brows.

Before use make sure that you first open pores by using a warm washcloth or after a hot shower.

(1) Use the slant tip to isolate, lift and then grab the hair from the root.

(2) Use the spoolie to brush through brow hairs to distribute into place.

How to care

Clean tweezer tips after each use with an alcohol wipe.

Wash spoolie with warm water and gentle cleanser. Rinse thoroughly. Squeeze to remove excess water from bristles. Lay flat to dry.