Tweezer Trio


This is the tweezer set you need for eyebrow shaping and a staple for your makeup bag. Including our favourite Truyu tweezers, in this set you’ll find our full size stainless steel slant tweezer, point tweezer and combo tweezer. Never miss a hair again with this tweezer set!


- This set contains three Truyu tweezers.
- Slant tweezer for precision tweezing.
- Combo tweezers for everyday use.
- Point tweezers for the smallest, finest hairs.
- Made from 100% stainless steel.
- Your go-to makeup bag essential.

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How to use

Use the slant tweezer to isolate, lift and then grab the eyebrow hair from the root to shape your brows.

Use the point tweezer for fine hairs, splinters and ingrown hairs.

Use the combination tweezer for tidying and shaping brow arches.

Before use, make sure pores are open with warm water or after a steamy shower. Always tweeze in the direction of hair growth to avoid breakage.

How to care

Before and between uses, disinfect with isopropyl alcohol.