Baby Nail Grooming Kit


Our baby nail care set includes a nail clipper with curved blade for safe trimming and our sapphire nail file with rounded tip for safety. This cute elephant pouch contains everything you need to trim and shape baby’s nails. The file's fine grit means it’s safe for softer, growing nails.


Clipper with curved blades for safe trimming.

- Safety-tip sapphire file with rounded tip

- Fine filing surface for gentle filing.

- Cute elephant storage pouch.

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How to use

Use the curved blades of the micro nail clipper to trim the baby's nail by following the natural shape. Less is more! Take your time and work from the outside in.

Use the safety tip nail file to gently file and smooth the nail edge to help prevent your little one from scratching their cheeks.

How to care

Before and between uses, disinfect the tool with isopropyl alcohol or peroxide.