Essential Grooming Kit


Our essential grooming kit is everything you need in one smart little set of stainless steel manicure tools. Includes curved nail clippers, straight toenail clippers, our sapphire nail file and slant tip tweezers. Perfect for travel and on-the-go nail touch-ups.


- Nail clippers with curved edges for fingernails.

- Toenail clippers with straight edges.

- Sapphire nail file for maintaining nail shape.

- Slant tip tweezers to shape brows and tweeze stray brow hair.

- Stainless steel.

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How to use

FINGER AND TOENAIL CLIPPER: Start at the corners and clip toward the centre. Clip the nail three or four times as you travel across the nail, as this will help to prevent splitting the nail while clipping. Use the Sapphire nail file to round corners and smooth the nail edge.

SAPPHIRE FILE: Use the coarse side of the nail file for initial shaping and the fine side for creating a smooth finish. Always file from the edge to the centre of the nail, using long smooth strokes in one direction only to prevent breakage and splitting.

SLANT TIP TWEEZER: Before use, we recommend opening pores with warm water or after a shower. This will help reduce pain from tweezing the hair from the root. Always tweeze in the direction of hair growth to avoid breakage. Use the precision slant tip to isolate, lift and then squeeze the tweezer to grab the hair from the root.

How to care

Clean each tool after each use with an alcohol wipe to remove any bacteria.