Cuticle Nippers


Our cuticle nippers are designed for precision and accurate cuticle trimming. Its sharp blades nip and cut cuticles with ease to neaten nails and promote healthy growth. Great for at-home manicures.


- Sharp blades for trimming.

- Easy, accurate nipping and trimming.

- Soft-grip handle for comfort.

- Spring action for gentle pressure.

- Avoid removal of healthy cuticles.

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How to use

Neat cuticles to promote healthy nails!

(1) Clean hands and nails before trimming cuticles. You can also use a nail care prep and polish wipe to prepare the nail. Do this before and after trimming cuticles.

(2) Start by pushing the cuticles back with a manicure stick or a cuticle pusher tool.

(3) Use the nippers to trim away any hard skin, careful not to overcut the cuticle and into living tissue. Less is more when trimming cuticles.

How to care

Before and between uses, disinfect the tool with isopropyl alcohol or peroxide.