Easy Grip Pumice Stone


Our easy-grip pedicure pumice stone is the your go-to for smooth, softened and rejuvenated feet and elbows. Perfect for at-home and daily use.


- Use on rough elbows and feet to remove hardened dead skin.
- Made from pumice.
- Easy rope handle.
- Use while showering.

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How to use

(1) Soak your foot in warm, soapy water for up to 5 minutes to soften the skin before use.

(2) Wet the pumice stone and then use the rough side in circular motions to remove calluses and hardened skin. Take care not to press too hard and use light to medium pressure.

(3) Use the fine side to buff and smooth skin after. Avoid using on infected or inflamed skin.

How to care

Rinse stone in warm water after use and place on a dry surface to air dry.