Professional Nail Files (Fine Grit)


Our professional nail files are designed to work and care for soft and damaged nails. These high-quality, professional nail files have a fine and super fine grit to help repair nails without further damage. Perfect nails after wearing gel builder, polish and acrylics to support their recovery.


- Fine and super fine grit.
- Designed to help repair and restore damaged nails.
- Perfect for soft and damaged nails.

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How to use

Grit Abrasive Grading | G320 Medium and G400 Fine.

(1) Wash hands and prep nails to be filed.

(2) Use medium grit to remove the length of your nail. If your nails are long and you want to shorten them considerably, use a nail clipper first, working outside-in. File any remaining length.

(3) Use fine grit to smooth and shape the nail edge into your desired nail shape.

(4) Always file from the edge to the centre of the nail, using long smooth strokes in one direction only.

How to care

Use correct side for nail length and smoothing and shaping edges so that the nail file lasts longer. Replace after regular use.