Tweezer Duo


For ultimate eyebrow shaping, meet out tweezer set including a full size slant and point tweezer for everyday brow taming and shaping, as well as removing ingrown hairs. A must-have for your makeup kit. 


- Includes two tweezers.
- Pointed tweezer for fine, short hairs, splinters and ingrown hairs.
- Slanted tweezer for hair removal and precision brow shaping.
- 100% stainless steel.

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How to use

(1) Open pores by pressing a warm washcloth against your brows or a steamy shower. This will help to reduce pain from tweezing and ease redness.

(2) Hold the tweezer with your thumb and forefinger for more control when applying pressure to tweeze the hair.

(3) Isolate the hair you’d like to remove, position it between tweezer tips and grab the hair. Always pull in the direction of hair growth to prevent breakage.

Use the slant tweezer to isolate, lift and then grab the eyebrow hair from the root to shape your brows.

Use the point tweezer for fine hairs, splinters and ingrown hairs.

How to care

Before and between uses, disinfect the blades with isopropyl alcohol or peroxide.